Shoes of an elegant-classic cut
modeled for distinction.

This is another model with a cut on the outer part. The materials used are also of the same high
quality as in the premium Zero-Cut shoes.
The shoe models we offer differ from standard shoes that can be found everywhere. With an
original form, particular sewing and the material used. A comfort provided through the invention
of shape and original customer participation in the production process. All ingredients hold the
seal of quality and comfort.
You are yourself the designer of your shoes. You are part of the shoe making process through a
new practice and completely new quality standards that are guaranteed by first-class materials
composed to make you feel comfortable in your shoes.
Everything is differently conceptualized
and accomplished with our models.
The naturalness, comfort, elegance,
aesthetics and authenticity hold the stamp of a
manufacturing process that goes beyond the current shoe shapes and disadvantages of wearing
them all day long. You will find sneakers comfort in our models.

G-Moon Tech

Unique three-layer absorbing memory foam mixtures combined with superior lining results in breathable, shock absorbing, anti-bacterial, sweat-free and orthopedic insole. The outcome is understandable: Unparalleled comfort.

These shoes are distinct also because, in their manufacturing, more specific layers are used which enable them to gain extraordinary flexibility. Mainly, there are three specific layers that comprise their unique production system. Precisely, these layers, each with its own function, give these shoes a unique quality. The three specific layers soften the walking tightness, prevent sweating and are at the same time anatomical, therefore are compatible with the foot naturalness. Also, the three layers give these shoes astonishing comfort, while retaining the extra elegance of exclusive shoes. The shoes are also distinct due to the use of special fabric lining, which prevents feet sweating and is antibacterial. The foot breathes freely through this fabric and does not undergo a suffocating closure as in the case of the leather lining that is not practical at all. This special fabric is an additional element in the manufacturing of these shoes that guarantees comfort and naturalness.


Qualitative and innovative selection of tested materials with the highest standards, from the leather to the shoelaces.  All the material used for manufacturing these shoes is of the highest quality. The material is provided by verified suppliers who are responsible for the shoe production quality. The shoes as a whole are produced by the selected first-grade material that makes them durable and in accordance with the elegance and comfort they offer.


Because we care. Ecologically harmless water-based adhesives for the client and the manufacturing process. Practices in harmony with health and nature.

Another feature of these shoes is that water-based adhesives are used in their manufacturing which differ greatly from the standard widely used adhesives. This type of adhesive goes through a process of several hours of evaporation and condensation, which makes the shoe production completely original and ecological. Through this specific adhesion, a high level of foot protection is provided. Although at a high cost and a process which is way longer and more difficult, this ecological adhesive remains an integral part of shoe production, as a distinctive sign of quality and avoidance of harmful materials for the client and also the workers and nature. The water-based adhesive as a harmless ingredient is another feature that simultaneously shows our care for the client.


Everyone deserves special shoes in accordance with the comfort they dream and the size of their foot.Another particular feature of our shoe manufacturing is your participation in the manufacturing process of the shoes dedicated to you. And, you can do this very simply by watching the video on our Web site. First, you download a sheet from the web site. Draw your foot on the sheet and measure it on two dots as you can see on the video. Then scan this drawing and send it through the web page so that the shoes you want to be produced are exactly the size of your foot. This is an original way of making your shoes based on your foot size and the quality level that guarantees their production.


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