Zero Cut. G-Moon Tech. Handcrafted. Perfection.

Unique three-layer absorbing memory foam mixtures combined with superior lining results in breathable, shock absorbing, anti-bacterial, sweat-free and orthopedic insole. The outcome is understandable: Unparalleled comfort.

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ZERO-CUT shoes are distinct also because, in their manufacturing, more specific layers are used which enable them to gain extraordinary flexibility. Mainly, there are three specific layers that comprise their unique production system. Precisely, these layers, each with its own function, give these shoes a unique quality. The three specific layers soften the walking tightness, prevent sweating and are at the same time anatomical, therefore are compatible with the foot naturalness. Also, the three layers give these shoes astonishing comfort, while retaining the extra elegance of exclusive shoes. The shoes are also distinct due to the use of special fabric lining, which prevents feet sweating and is antibacterial. The foot breathes freely through this fabric and does not undergo a suffocating closure as in the case of the leather lining that is not practical at all. This special fabric is an additional element in the manufacturing of these shoes that guarantees comfort and naturalness.

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